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Space Jokes Category:

All our jokes listing within the Space jokes category are listed below. Click on any of the items to view the full joke.

1.   Category: Space jokes  0 stars
A woman at a gas station noticed a spaceship landing in front of her. An alien stepped out of the spaceship and started... more

2.   Category: Space jokes  0 stars
An astronaut in space was asked by a reporter, "How do you feel?""How would you feel," the astronout replied, "if you we... more

3.   Category: Space jokes  0 stars
First Spaceman: Im hungry.Second Spaceman: So am I, it must be launch time !... more

4.   Category: Space jokes  0 stars
How did the aliens hurt the farmer? They trod on his corn.... more

5.   Category: Space jokes  0 stars
How do spacemen pass the time on long trips ?They play astronauts and crosses !... more

6.   Category: Space jokes  0 stars
I want to be an astronaut when I grow up.What high hopes you have !... more

7.   Category: Space jokes  0 stars
If an athlete gets athletes foot, what does an astronaut get?Missile toe.... more

8.   Category: Space jokes  0 stars
If athletes get athletes foot, then what do astronauts get? Missile toe.... more

9.   Category: Space jokes  0 stars
President Dubya was awakened one night by an urgent call from the Pentagon. "Mr. President," said the four-star general,... more

10.   Category: Space jokes  0 stars
Stephen Hawking's theory suggests that physical information could permanently disappear in a black hole, this proves the... more

11.   Category: Space jokes  0 stars
Teacher: What do you think astronauts wear to keep warm?Girl: Apollo neck jumpers ?... more

12.   Category: Space jokes  0 stars
Two aliens from outer space landed in Las Vegas and were wandering around the casinos. One of them volunteered to go ins... more

13.   Category: Space jokes  0 stars
Two aliens landed in the remote countryside and went walking from the flying saucer along a narrow lane. The first thing... more

14.   Category: Space jokes  0 stars
Two aliens landed their ship on a golf course and watched a young man golfing. First he hit it into the high grass, mumb... more

15.   Category: Space jokes  0 stars
Two astronauts went to a bar on the moon, but they left after a few minutes ?You see, it had no atmosphere !... more

16.   Category: Space jokes  0 stars
Two astronauts were in a space ship circling high above the earth. One had to go on a space walk while the other stayed... more

17.   Category: Space jokes  0 stars
What did the alien say to the gas pump ?Dont you know its rude to stick your finger in your ear when Im talking to you !... more

18.   Category: Space jokes  0 stars
What did the alien say when his flying saucer landed in a stud farm? Take me to your breeder !... more

19.   Category: Space jokes  0 stars
What did the astronaut see on his skillet?Unidentified frying (flying) objects.... more

20.   Category: Space jokes  0 stars
What did the metric alien say ?Take me to your litre !... more

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